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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sum up of the week *Extremely Boring*

Once again my blog was closed it has become a habit of mine I am sure I have confused the hell out of people trying to keep track of the where about of my blog.. if such people exist. Someone out there is pretty pissed of what I am saying in spite of being nonsense that is no good to anyone but me.. But hey a lot of people have issues present company included big time…

Okay.. things where pretty hectic in the past couple of weeks and I am just trying to gather the pieces and make something out of what happened. I was accused of being untruthful and withholding the truth which is a kind of sugar coated way of saying that I am a lying sack and full of it. Yeah I may sometimes lie or not tell the entire truth or say something’s and leave portions out of it for my own good but that necessarily does not make me a lair. I know that being a cheap bitch is a lousy habit and I have to quit it but we all have our dark side and if you are seeking someone who is perfect or with wings and an ora around his head then you have definitely come to the wrong place.

Another thing that I have to stop is assuming that people care and the bitter truth is they don’t, they only care if things went down their way which is another way they could boost their egos, once again being right. But if you dared and just went the wrong direction you’re labeled a puppet or a toy in the hands of others.

I do not know.. I am clueless, hesitant, and having the most cold feet anyone had during his entire life.. I don’t know what the hell I am going to do..

I was having the unhealthiest thoughts of abandoning and disappearance that can not serve me any good and it scares the hell out of me. I guess my blog should be my only listener from now on and may be it wouldn’t label me like most people did..


Blogger Safiya said...

I admire your persistance. Keep on trucking!

3:14 PM  

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