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Monday, May 08, 2006

Free?? Think Again

I guess by now everyone heard the news..
Help Make a difference
For once in our lives, believe in our ability in making a change.. Break the golden rule of "Divide and Conquer"
Let's Say it all together..May be saying it out loud will help making it true


Blogger change destiny said...

out loud n together . noone can stop our voices .

6:04 AM  
Blogger Boring Lips said...

Stronger Blogging

We all know that some bloggers were detained and so some of other bloggers are much worried about that. We don't know for sure what is going to happen. El3en Elsehrya suggested in a post entitled The Test that the only protection bloggers may have is gaining more strength. I believe that one of the means to gain strength is to be more popular especially among those who are not activists. So, I decided to make a list containing all blogs that I know and which are concerned with the political and societal scene in Egypt with not so much posts about the author's self. This way, I can link to it from any instant messaging programme and from any newsgroup I use. The list doesn't reflect my own view it is just a list of those blogs concerned with the current scene in Egypt. It doesn't matter who goes public, what counts is that we must make blogging more popular. The list is still limited.

I am asking all of you to email me any links of blogs that meet the criteria I mentioned above so I up-date the list every time I receive links. You will find my email in my profile Boring Lips. I am also asking you to link to this post even from your own blogs (i.e. sidebar). Send the link to as many people as you can. This way blogging will become stronger as more people will be aware of it.

Security by hiding has been proven to be the least successful method. Our only protection is to be popular so that we are protected by people's awareness. Also, this way will spread all of our ideas among a much wider audience.

Please Link to this Page

نعرف أن بعض المدونين قد تم إعتقالهم و هذا يقلق البعض. إحنا ما نعرفش إيه إللى هيحصل على وجه التحديد. العين السحرية اقترح فى مدونة إسمها الإمتحانThe Test إن الحماية الوحيدة للمدونين إنهم يصبحوا أكثر قوة. أعتقد أن وسيلة من الوسائل هى إن ناس أكثر من النشطاء و غيرهم يعرفوا و يهتموا بالمدونات. عشان كده عملت قائمة بأسماء المدونات اللى بتكلم عن الحالة السياسية و الإجتماعية فى مصر و لا تضم الكثير عن حياة صاحبها/صاحبتها الشخصية اللى أنا عرفها. كده أقدر اربطها من أى مكان...مواقع تانية أو أدي الرابط لكل اللى أعرفه. القائمة لا تعبر عن المدونات التى أحب أطالعها و لكنها تتضمن على المدونات المهتمة بالموضوع مع إختلاف أرائها.

لأو ممكن تبعتلى أى روابط لمدونات مشابهة ده هيساعد كثير. الإيميل بتاعى فى البروفيل. و ياريت تربط للقائمة من البلوج أو من أى موقع تانى. ممكن كمان تستخدم الم س ن عشان ناس أكثر تعرف عن البلوجز. بالطريقة دى ناس أكثر هتعرف إحنا بنقول إيه.

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